SpeedGard - Residential Speed Enforcement

The SpeedGard speed display and enforcement system provides the foundation for sophisticated traffic calming and speed violation enforcement systems"

The SpeedGard is designed to provide speeding offender information suitable for display and photo enforcement purposes. The basic principle implemented in this system is to use a Doppler radar and a high resolution digital camera (color or infrared). The radar is used to determine the instantaneous velocity of a vehicle as it passes through a monitored road section. The camera is used to capture an image of any violation vehicle. A sophisticated computer provides for a variety of features and interfaces including a built in web site, wireless monitoring and data transmission. The unit can be installed with a display for traffic calming purposes. The units can be either mounted in fixed positions or used in mobile and transportable configurations. The basic unit is battery powered or can operate from AC power. A solar power option is also available. An illuminator can be provided for 24 hour operation.

The combination of the speed and the license plate number can be used to provide law enforcement with a method of locating and contacting violators. In its simplest form, a police presence with a laptop computer can be used to assist local police in issuing citations to violators. This is possible because of a direct link between the laptop and SpeedGard which allows the user to monitor SpeedGard activity and immediately respond to the presence of violators.

Additional processing in the form of a separate local PC can provide the ability to compare license numbers to BOLO entries in real time, and to provide alarms, both locally and remotely in the event that a license number correlation is achieve. Furthermore with appropriate internet connectivity, the system can query both state and federal (NCIC) databases correlation with vehicles of interest. Furthermore the entire violation processing activity can be achieved using a centralized violation processing facility similar to facilities presently used for red light processing.

The SpeedGard can be used in a variety of situations that require speed monitoring and identification of speeding drivers.

SpeedGard™ was designed to provide a photo enforcement tool for detecting the speed of vehicles and capturing multiple images of vehicles which exceed a user defined speed threshold. It provides 24 hour speed enforcement for use in Home Owner Associations, School Zones, Work Zones, Municipal and Rural highways, Parking Lots and any other locations where there is a need to calm traffic.

Recently a homeowners association in San Diego County purchased a single unit for a trial. The demonstration unit succeeded in reducing speeds and the fines that were levied paid for the unit in 90 days. Based on that experience they are in the process of purchasing additional units. For that HOA it was a win-win situation.

The tool is evidence driven and is a most effective tool in reducing speeds and increasing safety. The radar measures the speed of each passing vehicle. When a vehicle exceeds a user configurable maximum speed, the digital camera captures a series of images of the vehicle and its license plate. SpeedGard™ provides undeniable proof of speed violations.

The SpeedGard™ consists of a Doppler radar, a camera, an invisible LED flash unit, a processor and a wireless access point. Each SpeedGard™ unit comes pre-installed with software for setting speed thresholds and managing data. Photos of speed violators vehicles can be remotely accessed from any web browser.

Enforcement methods may range from warning letters to citations. The violations and the association images can be downloaded via the built in wireless interface. In locations where netoworks already exist, the violations and images can be uploaded to a central location for processing. Furthermore TDS will provide violation processing and data management services if desired. Automatic license plate number reading is also available for implementation if the system needs to compare license numbers with an existing database for detection of vehicles of interest.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the basic system is $12,995. Installation and Training are extra.