CVO Enforcement

TDS products are able to aid in the protection of our country. This includes the ability for identification of potential terrorists and for surveillance of critical infrastructure locations. TDS products may also aid in interoperability and sharing of data across agencies, regardless of geography. Mobile and fixed systems feeding data into a local server may then be shared with other agencies across the country. Using stolen vehicle data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), or from local reports, TDS ALPR systems can greatly improve an agency's stolen vehicle identification and recovery results.

The ALPR systems can be used in the identification of wanted felons, automation of BOLO's, and increased surveillance of AMBER alerts. Literally seconds after an AMBER alert or a BOLO is announced, TDS ALPR systems across the country can be looking at every license plate, thereby greatly increasing the chances of successfully finding the suspect. The identification of stolen vehicles often results in other enforcement opportunities such as drug trafficking, identity theft, and robbery.

Transport Data Systems designs, develops, produces, and sells combined Vehicle Profilers, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), USDOT Recognition and Container Code Recognition products for the homeland security marketplace. This includes agricultural inspection stations, weigh-in-motion stations as well as both port of entry and state and federal border crossing markets. The vehicle profilers employ a variety of sensors including Doppler radar, light curtains, overhead laser scanners and contact, quartz and fiber optic treadles. The ALPR system employs digital area scan cameras (visible and near IR) with strobed LED illuminators and automated license plate and container number readers. The systems perform automated monitoring of the vehicles and containers (trucks and cars) entering and exiting the state/country.

The trucking sector poses very specific challenges as both the number of the container on the truck as well as the license plate number and USDOT number must be read to effectively and accurately identify, track and monitor the truck and its load at border crossings, weigh stations, secure parking facilities for trucking, secure installations and for fleet management applications. TDS has created synergy between its ALPR and CCR product lines which work together to meet these requirements, and can be sold as complete systems or can be integrated into other systems.

jaxportAt a port of entry the TDS profiler provides a vehicle profile as the vehicle passes through a checkpoint. The ALPR captures the license plate for identification of the vehicle as it exits the facility. The TDS Container Code Recognition System reads the shipping container identification markings. TDS can supply complete systems for truck gates, cranes and trains. TDS offers turnkey solutions to improve automation, logistics, security and safely for marine container terminals, both gates and cranes, and Intermodal/Railroad terminals.