Ferry Preclassification System

The TDS ferry preclassification system is designed to automate the classification of all vehicles as they prepare to enter the ferry and thereby significantly reduce the wait time associated with entry onto the ferry. It uses a trio of laser scanners to create an accurate profile of the vehicle as it approaches the toll booth. The profile is analysed and stored in a vehicle record. The vehicle record documents the height, width, length, number of axles and their locations, the existence of a hitch and the ground clearance of the vehicle. Using this information the system classifies the vehicle into a set of fixed classes. The length of the vehicle along with the ground clearance and the vehicle class are presented to the toll collector and to the customer. The vehicle record complete with the profile are stored for future reference. The system provides a web based system for review of vehicle records and profiles.


Plaza Server

The associated plaza server provides a centralized location for collection of all vehicle classification transactions at the plaza. It contains a database and a web page for remote viewing of the consolidated vehicle classifications from the plaza.

Central System Interface

The plaza can be connected to a central system interface to allow for remote viewing of the transactions. Further the individual lane processors can mirror the data that is going to the plaza server to a remote central server if necessary.