School Zone Enforcement

Our children are our most precious commodity. Although school zones are signed to restrict vehicle speeds to less than 20 miles per hour during those times when school children are likely to be present, people continue to ignore the signs. We know that hundreds of children are killed in school zones during any given year. This despite the use of additional signage and student monitors.

TDS can provide a system combining radar, license plate recognition, 4G communications, GPS location and speed message signs to achieve a reduction in vehicle speed and the prosecution of drivers who refuse to slow down in school zones. The system records the vehicle speed and an image of the vehicle along with the crossing zone. When a vehicle exceeds the speed limit during certain hours, the image is processed to yield the license plate number and state for eventual prosecution and the identification of multiple offenders. The system can be setup to transmit violation data via 4G communications to a central command center where it can be routed to police cars in the area or used to issue a citation. The GPS provides the exact location of the violation

The fixed system is transportable and can be easily installed at the school site. The equipment can also be installed in and on a van for a complete mobile solution. The system is equipped with a WIFI capability for directly viewing of the data by, and for uploading of data to a laptop

TDS can also provide the back office software suite for processing of violations at the local traffic control center.