Toll Lane Upgrade

TDS specializes in updating your lane designs to reflect the latest in technology and replacement of obsolete components. A sample of the lane installation is shown below.

Lane Controller

TDS can select from a number of different lane controllers depending on the traffic loads, class structure and image capture/processing requirements. The primary interface to the lane is via a fiber optic connection to an Ethernet switch. The lane controller operating system can be either Windows 10 or Linux.

Automatic Vehicle Classification

TDS has been producing vehicle classifiers for over 20 years. The basic building block in today's product is the laser scanner. This provides for very accurate vehicle separation and can provide profiling information as well should the vehicle class table require it. The axle location system uses a fiber optic treadle to detect the presence of the axle and a fiber based dual tire detector can readily be added if the class table requires it. In the event that vehicle dimensions are part of the class table, a second laser is added to allow for tracking of the vehicle through the profiling zone. For more detail please look at the Vehicle Classification and Vehicle Profiling product descriptions.

Violation Enforcement System

TDS has been producing license plate readers for over 15 years. The basic building block in today's product is the TDS Sighting Pro camera system. The camera system can be delivered with several different resolutions in either the visible (color) or Near IR bands. TDS produces the LED based illuminators for each of these bands. TDS has also developed the optical character recogntion system required to extract the license plate number and the associated state/province. This can be implemented in the camera, at the plaza, or at the host depending on the system requirements. For more detail please look at the Fixed Recognition product descriptions.

Automatic Vehicle Identification System

The TDS lane controller AVI software module can interface to any of the current readers in use in the United States. Among others these include the Kapsch, Transcore and Neology readers.

Lane Equipment Interface

TDS designs include a lane equipment interface to allow for connection of all of the sensors and booth located processors to the Ethernet switch in the lane.

Manual Collection Equipment

For manual lanes, TDS will provide a 23 inch touch screen display with an integrated Intel NUC processor and a receipt printer. The display is mounted on an ergonomic mount which can include speakers for audio feedback.

Lane Traffic Control Devices

TDS can provide any of the various lane control devices that the user requires in the lane. This may include the following: