Video Tolling

TDS produces a video tolling system that provides high accuracy automatic license plate reader performance in multiple lanes at freeway speeds. The TDS Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) System supports unconstrained traffic flow through open road tollroads as well as bridges and tunnels. The system reliably identifies license plates on multiple parallel lanes, irrespective of the position of each vehicle. With high camera resolution the TDS system achieves high levels of license plate recognition rates even during poor weather, strong sunlight or snow. The ALPR system employs dual front and rear digital area scan cameras (visible and/or near IR) with strobed LED illuminators. The system includes automated license plate recognition. The system meets all of the requirements needed to support full video tolling. The lane installation is shown below.

TDS ALPR systems can capture license plate images at speeds in excess of 100 mph. Using large format 5 megapixel cameras, each lane can be covered completely including straddling with a single pair of cameras located for front and rear capture. TDS can also supply a more traditional design using 2 megapixel cameras in each lane and between each lane. To meet the high speed requirements, each camera pair requires a separate dedicated processor (server). The recognition function is implemented at the lane level and the violation data set is passed to the plaza level server. TDS can include the overhead laser scanners and loops for trigger generation and vehicle tracking through the image capture zone.