Wrong Way Vehicle System

The TDS design for the detection of wrong way vehicles on roadway exit ramps makes use of the latest in detection and display equipment. The system provides for detection of wrong way vehicles, warning to the vehicle, confirmation that the vehicle entered the roadway and alarm transmission to multiple law enforcement agencies. The system controllers are Intel based and can be programmed to meet a variety of sensor and display equipment. The basic system as offered by TDS uses LIDAR sensors and a PTZ camera to detect, confirm and record the vehicles. TDS can supply an audio alarm (horn/klaxon/siren) to assist in the warning process. The system can be expanded to cover multiple lanes.

TDS can provide a variety of beacons and signs to meet unique customer warning requirements. TDS can also provide and integrate main highway variable message signs to alert regular traffic to the dangers from a oncoming wrong way vehicle.


The system can be delivered to operate from AC power or can include solar power for each of the enclosures.

Wrong Way System Lane Layout