Press Release - October 2014

Airport Parking System Upgrade - Make and Model Verification

Transport Data Systems now offers make and model verification as part of its airport parking system. This added feature allows the airport parking system to validate the make and model of the vehicle as it exits the parking lot. This feature identifies the make and model of the vehicle as it enters the parking lot and associates it with the license plate. In the event, the plate is moved to another vehicle, the system will tell the parking lot booth that the vehicle make and model of the vehicle associated with the license plate has changed. This provides the parking lot operator with the ability to identify potential stolen vehicles and either prohibit them from exiting the parking lot or to inform the local authorities of the plate replacement.

The addition of this capability increases the overall accuracy of the vehicle identification process to better than 98%.

Transport Data Systems designs, develops, produces, and sells automatic vehicle classification and license plate capture products for the fare collection, commercial vehicle operations, parking lot access, school bus enforcement, and border crossing markets.