Transport Data Systems designs, develops, produces, and delivers a wide distribution of products which integrate various sensors including Doppler radar, light curtains, laser scanners, loops, treadles as well as various types of displays. TDS has worked closely with a number of companies to develop the specific drivers required to interface to these products. TDS has performed a significant amount of development testing with each of these products in a live traffic environment. During the past 20 years their breadth of experience has given them a wealth of software for interfacing to these sensors and for satisfying a wide range of requirements for vehicle profiling and image capture.

With over 30 years of C++ experience both in server and controller applications, the TDS software team is adept at real time applications and back office data manipulation. TDS has delivered a variety of Linux based servers to customers around the world.

Their expertise with various web tools including PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX along with their experience with web database interfaces including Oracle and MYSQL allow them to provide rich web based interfaces with a minimum of new development.