Border Surveillance System

Border crossings in remote areas, especially in war zone situations, can be very dangerous to monitor. This has generated a need for an electronic system to provide for remote monitoring capability.

The TDS border surveillance system is a combined vehicle profiling and image capture system for monitoring traffic at a remote border location. The system includes license plate and container number readers in addition to an overview camera. The patented TDS laser based profiling system generates a 3D profile of each vehicle that travels past the sensor array.

Metadata from the laser profiler is combined with metadata gathered from multiple color images of each vehicle to identify vehicles of interest. Traffic statistics, images, profiles, and various vehicle identification markings are presented in real time to local personnel and are archived for later review. The information can also be viewed remotely through the use of a local webpage. This automated system provides 24/7 surveillance and eliminates the need for placing personnel near the roadway.

The sensor processor and the associated local monitoring can be remoted up to a 250 meters from the actual site where the sensors are located.