Container Recognition System

The Transport Data Systems Automatic Container Number Recognition (ACNR) System provides a quick and efficient method for obtaining a machine readable container number from a high resolution image of the rear of a container. The TDS ACNR is an effective container number recognition solution catered for modern ports and terminal industries throughout the world. It automatically recognizes and records container ID numbers and ISO codes of the containers, both at rest and during movement. It facilitates effective container management and operations at gate, yard, and loading and unloading zones for quay cranes and spreaders for modern ports and terminals. The TDS ACNR has been developed to comply with the ISO 6346 international standard for assigning unique codes to freight containers, commonly known as BIC codes.


This software is in operation in a number of locations in the USA and abroad. TDS developed the application in 2007 and has been continually improving its performance using live data from actual operating collection lanes. It has yielded a container code recognition system with excellent performance, both in accuracy and detection speed. With its companion strobed LED illuminator, the unit is capable of providing 24 hour operation. The system can also optionally read country code and container type codes

In a typical stand alone operation the ACNR server processes the images from a specified input directory, performs the ACNR function, and places the resulting ASCII file with the container number in a specified output directory. The flexible design allows performance increases to be achieved through the addition of multiple servers. The network interface allows for easy integration with other security devices.

The TDS ACNR can optionally integrate with the TDS License Plate Recognition system, the TDS USDOT Number Recognition System and the TDS Driver Camera System for maximum access control and security management.

Key Features/Benefits