USDOT Reader


The Transport Data Systems USDOT Recognition System provides a quick and efficient method for obtaining a machine readable USDOT number from a high resolution image of the side of a vehicle. This system combines a very high resolution digital camera with a pair of high energy invisible flash units to capture a clear unblurred image of the side of a truck operating at over 60 miles per hour. With this illumination the system is capable of 24/7 operations.

A companion OCR engine locates the USDOT number and converts it into a machine readable form. This number is stored in a local database. The system includes a web server application to allow for viewing of the information by a local or a remote browser. Data can also be uploaded to a user system for processing, display and report generation. The system output may be integrated with a set of business rules to derive real-time event handling. This reader may be modified to locate other vehicle information that is available on the side of the truck

In a typical operation the USDOT reader captures and processes the images in real time. It can be used in a stand alone situation or in conjunction with a vehicle inspection/weighing site. For system designs, it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the TDS vehicle profiling and license plate reader products.

The image shown here was taken for a vehicle travelling at approximately 45 miles per hour.

This product is being installed at various commercial vehicle operations sites throughout the United States.