Make and Model Recognition/Color Detection Systems

As part of its system designs, TDS can provide Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR) and/or Vehicle Color Detection (VCD) systems. These systems can be provided as stand alone hardware systems for local installations or TDS can provide these capabilities as a service to an agency. The system requires significant computing power to extract the make and model from the JPEG images and serve up the results in less than a second. The service relies on sample images from all possible make and models and views that are visually indexed into a database for fast retrieval. The image captured that is submitted to the process will be matched against that database and the make and model of the matched sample will be the make and model of that car.

In addition, a color detection of the vehicle will provide additional information that will help identify the vehicle quickly. Detecting colors will require calibration of the image according to the illumination at the entrance in which the image of the car is captured. Images will be calibrated at different times of the day in order to get reliable results. The tighter the environmental control, the better the VCD will perform.

In each following year new makes and models can be added as they become available.


VMMR Detection Services

The VMMR solution is provided as a service through an HTTP server that performs the query on a cluster of computers working together on each request to deliver the classification results in a less than a second. The service can be either installed on a cloud computing provider (e.g. Amazon AWS) or on a local area network that is dedicated for a specific application. Web and mobile applications can access the service through a well defined REST API. The request to detect the make and model of the vehicle returns the following attributes: