TDS FleetGard

The Fleetgard system is our latest generation of vehicle monitoring systems based on our flagship Armgard product. The Fleetgard system consists of interior cameras and an on-board processor. The unit is wireless ready for use on an IP network. The unit also supports 3G/4G connectivity for uploading video-on-demand as well as live video streaming. The on-board processor provides the system with the ability to make decisions and perform a series of activities based on sensor inputs and remote user commands. This 'intelligent processing' allows the TDS system to apply complex business rules that go far beyond the capabilities of a conventional DVR system.

The TDS solution includes web-based back office software hosted on a secure central server and offers functionality to review live camera stream(s) and archived video as well as conduct configuration/maintenance related tasks. A key aspect of the TDS systems is that it can utilize 3G/4G for data communications, resulting in near 100% network availability. The system can also operate as a Wi-Fi based solution when a Wi-Fi source is available. The TDS design allows for live streaming video during bus route operations and also supports quick turn-around review of captured video segments.

The centralized server maintains a chain of custody of the video and related data and the back office software provides controlled access to authorized personnel. This server can be a physical server maintained by the transit authority or it can be hosted on a cloud based server provided by a third party. The back office software is a web based interface that allows users to configure, operate and maintain the entire set of buses that have the Fleetgard system installed. The back office software is designed to be scalable in order to accommodate varying sizes of bus fleets that have been equipped with the Fleetgard system. It supports simultaneous access of client users from remote locations with different functional roles and utilizes a common server to coordinate the operations. The illustration below shows the system topology with examples of various client usage contexts. The remote clients access a centralized server in order to view videos and control configurations of the buses that are also interfaced to this central server.


The system is composed of off the shelf componentry and C++ software written completely by TDS. It runs the Linux operating system. Hence local customization of the DVR and the back office software to meet individual customer requirement can be easily accommodated.

The following components and associated services are included as part of the basic system: