Press Release - November 2011

FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Rest Area Feasibility System

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has awarded a contract for a feasibility demonstration of the TDS vehicle classification system at a truck rest area. This system will monitor the entry and exit points into the rest area and keep an accurate count of the number of vehicles in the rest area. Phase One includes installation and field testing of the equipment in a single rest area in southern Tennessee. TDS will supply the vehicle classification equipment and will assist in the installation of the system. A separate contractor will run the evaluation program to determine the accuracy of the system.

A second phase is planned that will include installation of the same equipment at an adjacent parking area along with variable message signs on the highway indicating availability of parking to truck drivers on the road in real time. In this phase, truck drivers will be diverted from the full parking area to the adjacent area, if there is truck parking space available. If Phases One and Two are successful, FMCSA envisions a nation-wide network of truck parking rest sites using this technology with web access to provide truck drivers with real-time parking availability all along the US interstate system.

Transport Data Systems designs, develops, produces, and sells automatic vehicle classification and license plate capture products for the fare collection, commercial vehicle operations, parking lot access, school bus enforcement, and border crossing markets.